Issue in Mathjax Macro 1.1.2

Including Mathjax Macro extension is slowing down the entire xwiki and keeps on loading all the pages in xwiki except global administration page in XWIKI 14.10.15 Windows version which runs on jetty with java 17 lts

Hello, seems to me you don’t have installed Docker on your Windows machine. One of the dependencies of Mathjax Macro requires it and it checks is Docker running in the background.

If you check the installed extension you’ll see the dependency MathJax LaTeX Template which has Latex Exported, which in its turn has dependency LaTeX to PDF Converter using Docker. The last one require Docker

The conversion uses Docker and thus you need to have Docker installed on the server machine where XWiki runs.

On some OS you may need to make sure that you have the DOCKER_HOST environment variable defined for the XWiki LaTeX PDF extension to have a working Docker setup.

You just need to install Docker Desktop on W10 and have it running. Then the page response will be normal.

I think the better solution would be to uninstall everything related to LaTeX in XWiki if you don’t need LaTeX export as this is only an optional dependency of Mathjax that is completely unrelated to Mathjax (it is only to add Mathjax support to LaTeX export).

Thank you @nikpetrenko and @MichaelHamann now it works fine, I better go with just formula macro then