Issues with Firefox ESR 52.x

I don’t know if my issues is xwiki 9.11.4 linked or firefox bugs but here the behavior tested on

  • FF ESR 52.6.0 (32bits) on windows
  • FF ESR 52.7.3 (64bits) on debian
    FF didn’t update page displayed with URL content.

Here we go.

  • I’m going in sandbox in WYSIWYG edit mode:
  • I deploy the breadcrumb (I need to refresh page sometime with Ctrl+F5 to open tree)
  • without closing the treeview, I click on “Sandbox” link at the top of treeview
  • then adress bar content is fine with (view mode) BUT my page displayed is always in edit mode (and treeview or WYSIWYG doesn’t work anymore).
  • I need to click on update current page on my FF menu to display my page in view mode.

I thought I was alone with this user case but I encountered same issue with another user which FF was updated to FF ESR 52.6.0 version.

I haven’t issue with FF 59.0.x


Maybe? Firefox ESR Version 52.0 have problem with JavaScript/jquery function | Forum d’assistance Firefox | Assistance de Mozilla
Since FF48: String.prototype.contains has been removed in favour of includes

Try to disable your Firefox Add-ons.

Right, I need to find guilty one again! Grrrr!
(must check FF of user: I don’t know if he have extension)

UBlock origins again :frowning:
Even if I disabled UBlock on iwiki, I have this issue. I must deactivate this add-on to fix it.
I need to find the naughty settings because we packaging FF with ublock :frowning: