Join us as we celebrate 15 Years of XWiki SAS


Dear XWiki community,

XWiki SAS, the company who started the XWiki open source project, is celebrating its 15 years.

As XWiki users, XWiki SAS would like to thank you and you’re invited to the party!

  • Monday, 8th July
  • Starting at: 19:00
  • La Baleine Blanche, Port de la Gare, 75013 Paris, France
  • Attire: Business Casual

If you plan to attend please register on

-Vincent (with my XWiki SAS CTO hat on)



While we’re at it, please tell us your old time stories about XWiki! When did you first start using it? Let’s see who’s been using it for the oldest time :slight_smile: Anyone who started with XWiki 0.9.840 back in 2005? :wink: