June 2024 Roadmap (XS, Contrib Extensions)

Hi devs,

Proposal for June below.

XWiki Standard

  • WCAG - Lucas + Michael reviewing the PRs/merge them
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
    • New:
  • PDF export - Marius
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
      • Loading... - The side box used by the Encyclopedia template appears after the content when exporting to PDF
        • Requires:
          • Loading... Move the Templates Application to XWiki Platform
          • Loading... Improve the Encyclopedia template
  • Security issues - Pierre
  • UI/UX improvements - Thiago + Adina
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
      • Thiago:
        • Loading... - Inconsistent use of icons for “Close” and “Delete”
        • Loading... - Provide design improvements for QuickSearch
      • Adina:
        • Loading... - Continue identifying all usability issues regarding macros’ modal configurations
        • Loading... - Prepare a UX testing for new comers in XWiki SAS
    • New:
      • Thiago:
        • Loading... - UI proposal for SupportedBy in EM + exo
        • Loading... - UI proposal for managing Access Rights
        • Loading... - UI proposal for Wiki Links dialog
  • Realtime - Marius + Dorian
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
      • Loading... Add the Source button for the Realtime editor
      • Loading... You shouldn’t have to force the page lock to enter a realtime editing session
      • Log in - XWiki.org JIRA Prevent users with different programming/script access level to enter the same realtime editing session.
      • Loading... Enable realtime editing for the WYSIWYG editor by default
  • Security Vulnerabilities - Pierre
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
      • Loading... - Only show the red bell for security issues if an action can be done
      • Loading... - Activate the Security Vulnerabilities feature by default
      • If there are no other issues needed for it, apart from Loading...
  • Javax → Jakarta migration - Thomas
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
      • finish upgrading to jakarta Jetty 12
      • start working on jakarta mail migration
  • Notifications Improvements - Simon
  • Improvements to the registration flow - Lucas
  • Required Rights - Michael
    • New:
      • Loading... - Introduce the notion of required rights
  • Deprecate Recommended and add Supported By concept in EM - Thomas
    • Optional, only if enough time

Contrib & Others

  • Cristal contrib extension - Manuel + Thiago
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
      • Manuel:
        • Loading... Add a NextCloud backend
          • A PoC exists to load Cristal in a Nextcloud extension since version 0.8, but the CSS resources are currently not loading correctly. Some additional work is required to build, and publish static resources (i.e., CSS) correctly
      • Thiago:
        • Propose UI for basic admin sections - Loading...
    • New:
  • WAISE project, Contrib extension - Michael + Paul
    • New:
      • Michael:
        • Loading... Implement a separate indexing queue with a UI for its status
        • Loading... Make the document store replaceable
        • Loading... Add support for indexing existing XWiki spaces
      • Paul:
        • Loading... Add a matrix bot for answering questions
        • Loading... Measure energy consumption for the benchmark
        • Loading... Allow incrementally updating benchmark results
        • Loading... Improve chunking by taking newlines and headings into account
        • (optional, if time permits) Loading... Translate context documents in the benchmark and use combinations of languages
        • (optional, if time permits) Loading... Evaluate the output language of the LLM in the benchmark
  • Change Request - Simon
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
      • Check about Sign in · GitLab (might need to be estimated as it wasn’t planned work initially)
  • Words Based notifications - Simon
    • Outstanding from past roadmaps:
      • Check if the work done is enough
  • Replication - Thomas
    • Loading... Better support the manipulation of private keys when a cluster node is down


  • All: BFDs on Thursdays
  • All: Fix flickers
  • All: With the time left, fix some critical/major open bugs. Take them from the critical list of open bugs


  • 16.5.0RC1: 17th of June 2024
  • 16.5.0 : 24th of June 2024


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