Languages list for Code Macro?


I try to use Code Macro but I didn’t find any language code list.

What is the correct value for c# language ?

Where to find it ?


Hello @NilkOne,

As you can read in the documentation:

See Languages — Pygments for the list of all supported languages. If you have a hard time finding the right id for the language, you can look at Available lexers — Pygments (Short names).

So if I trust Available lexers — Pygments, csharp, c#, and cs are all valid language identifiers for C# code.

If none of those values produces the expected results, your issue might have another cause.

If Python is an allowed script language you can do it automatically.

import pygments
from pygments.lexers import get_all_lexers

print "|=Language |=Name |=File Extension |=Mime Types"
for lexer in get_all_lexers():
    print "| ", lexer[0], " | ", ", ".join(lexer[1]), " | ", ", ".join(lexer[2]), " | ", ", ".join(lexer[3])

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OK great thank you

Nice one :slight_smile: I’ve documented it at Code Macro (