largeExportBySpace : Failed to execute the [groovy] macro


I am currently migrating from an old XWiki 8 to XWiki 14.

I’ve installed the Large Export By Space Application extension in the old XWiki 8.

Installation goes OK, but when I try to reach the extension’s page (http://xwiki-8-4-4:8080/xwiki/wiki/it/view/Main/largeExportBySpace in my case) I get the following error :

Failed to execute the [groovy] macro.
Cause: [The execution of the [groovy] script macro is not allowed.
Check the rights of its last author or the parameters if it's rendered from another script.].
Click on this message for details.

Does someone know why ?

Well because “The execution of the [groovy] script macro is not allowed.”. This suggests you (or whoever installed this extension) don’t have programming right (you are admin of a subwiki maybe ?).

Where to grant programming rights ? It’s a personal XWiki instance I installed myself to organize my knowledge, I have full control over it.

I was just looking for the same topic on line, because on the new 14.9 instance I am unable to add a skin extension to the whole wiki (on demand works fine). And on this page it says

on this wiki: requires Programming rights to activate it

So I guess both issues are indeed due to the lack of programming rights. But where can I grant them ? In the administration panel, in “user and rights”, I have the columns View, Comment, Edit, Script, Delete, Admin and Register, but nothing about Programming Rights.

Note : my user is an advanced user

There’s the last column Program that is responsible for it. You mightn’t see it due to the set scale of a web page, try to zoom out a bit.

Programming right is a right, so you need to go to the wiki administration and assign this right to your user (or one of the groups this user belong to). See Access Rights ( for more details about rights in XWiki.

That does not really have any impact on rights, it’s just to get more advanced options in the UI.

OK thanks, it works now.

The Programming column is only available in the main wiki, that’s what I was missing. It’s specified in Permission types (

Both largeExportBySpace in XWiki 8 and apply a skin to the whole wiki in XWiki 14 work fine now.

Thanks !