LDAP bind failed with LDAPException

Hello there, I have been trying to get xwiki configured with LDAP for about a week now and am not making any progress.

Here’s my current auth/ldap config lines:

Here’s my exception when I attempt to login:

Serving xwiki via docker container (tomcat) behind haproxy. Everything works great when logged in with local admin. I usually have local login enabled but you may not see this in above config.

I have collected my certificates (root ca, intermediate/issuing ca, and domain controller certificates) and imported into all cacerts in the container. I have verified with ldapsearch that my certificates and credentials are valid.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if you need any more information.

PS: I would prefer not to use the paid application if I can avoid it.
PPS: The pastebin links above are valid for 1 month from 9/16/2021.


  • Bradd

I solved the problem by changing the LDAP port from 636 to 389, which in my case is STARTTLS.