LDAP mapping xWikiAllGroup to "Domain Users" group in Active Directory Not working


I’m using LDAP Authenticator for LDAP authentication, it works well and can authenticate users i also successfully mapped IT group to XWikiAdminGroup and it works well but my problem is i’m trying to add another group which is adding all domain users by default in Domain Users group in Active Directory to XWikiAllGroup but it is not working at all.

i followed this tutorial for group mapping: -

here is my configuration part for group mapping

                                        XWiki.XWikiAllGroup=CN=Domain Users,CN=Users,DC=sumergedc,DC=local

Could anyone help me please fix this ?

fixed it by removing “” from the mapping and the final result is

                                        XWiki.XWikiAllGroup=CN=Domain Users,CN=Users,DC=sumergedc,DC=local

Putting XWiki.XWikiAllGroup in your LDAP mapping is generally not a great idea from performance point of view and more importantly generally useless since all users (coming from LDAP or not) are automatically part of this group already.