"LDAPProfileClass" not found

I’m having trouble setting up LDAP users with xwiki, this is what I want to do:

  1. set up LDAP auth for login (working fine)
  2. sync user groups from LDAP for wiki permissions later (working fine)
  3. sync ldap users to already have them present before they first log in

And 3 is where the trouble starts. The users get synced from LDAP, get created in Xwiki, but they do not have a valid “LDAPProfileClass” object, because it is just empty. If I try to add a new LDAPProfileClass object via the corresponding button in the LDAP I just get the error message Failed:Not Found.

I do not understand why this is failing, do I have to install some xwiki extension beforehand to make this work?

Already installed LDAP extensions:

  1. LDAP Application
  2. LDAP Authenticator

(and their corresponding dependencies of course).

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

Okay, I finally managed to solve this: I had to log in with a user before I synced the rest of the users to get the desired object. I do not know why, but after one LDAP login, everything else works just fine.