Leveller's Co-op Wiki Request

  • description : I live in a housing co-operative and we need a centralized location to house our digital admin and policy documents, which is a growing body of information that is edited regularly by our committees and is currently paper chaos. Eventually, I would like our wiki to serve as both a database and a “living in the co-op users manual” so that all of our members have easy access to how-to information. At the moment, if you’re new to the co-op and don’t know how to replace your garage door opener, or who to talk to about problems with recycling pick-up, or have a suggestion on how to improve something, all you can do is ask around until you find someone that has lived here long enough to know how to get to what you need.

  • owner name : LevellersAdmin (or Megan Craig, preferably LevellersAdmin)

  • wiki name : levellerscoop

Thank you!

You can access your new wiki on https://levellerscoop.myxwiki.org.

Enjoy !

Thank you for your help!