License for personal use

If I use XWIKI only for personal use, how does the licensing work?
I am evaluating my option for a personal wiki and it has come down to one of two options, dokuwiki and xwiki.
As per my understanding, for dokuwiki, the application and all the plugins are free. Whereas for xwiki, the application can be used for free, but I am not so sure about the plugins as many are listed on the store along with xwiki pro.
What are my options for an individual user, as I do like the interface and search capabilities. How do the pro plugins work? Are they still available for free without support?

This forum is for the xwiki open source project at Everything is open source and free under the LDPL 2.1 license, see

The same applies to all extensions on (the license can change but they’re all OSI-approved licenses).

We don’t manage external repos such as (this is managed by a company called XWiki SAS, You should contact them.


Note that you can also use XWiki without using any pro apps from There are plenty of extensions on ! And you help us improve them by submitting code improvements if you find they’re missing features or have bugs :slight_smile: