Linked jira tickets in forum only showed as "Loading"


Jira tickets linked inside forum posts always display as “Loading”. See picture:


I’m even logged in at jira.

Any ideas?
Regards, Simpel

Yes we’ve noticed this as well when we upgraded Discourse several months ago (years?) ago.

If you know the solution let us know! So far I haven’t been able to find info about it on discourse when googling but it could be a setting to change.


I think you meant Jira here, not Discourse :slight_smile:

No, I actually meant Discourse. I’ve never thought that the issue was coming from jira but more from Discourse, but maybe you’re right and the issue is some change in jira that discourse cannot handle.

It’s not from Discourse: we are seeing the same problem when using URLs to JIRA on Matrix.

Indeed, I had not realized the same was happening for discourse. Interesting.