Linking user profiles after activedirectory link

Hi all,

I’ve configured now the ActiveDirectory connection and it works fine.

At the first time we used XWIKI without ActiveDirectory connection – so we have usernamens like „flastname“, now after connecting with the extension to activedirectory automaticly there are created some new accounts – whitch are not connected with the old one.

Is there a way to connect the old „flastname“ with the new active directory account „firstname.lastname“?

Thanks for helping.


If you edit a user created for ActiveDirectory with object editor(1) you will notice you will notice it contains a “XWiki.LDAPProfileClass” object which indicate the user uid and DN. This object is what the authenticator use to find if the user already exist. So if you want to make some user looks like an AD user you can put a “XWiki.LDAPProfileClass” object in it with the right uid (no need to set the DN).


Sorry, but don’t understand the steps.
Currently the users work with the new profile (active directory) and the old one exists.
How can i merge the old one to the new one?
Thanks and Regards

If you edit the new one and the old one with object editor (see you will notice that the now one has an LDAP object and not the old one. This object is what indicate the user is coming from LDAP which what is its uid so to way to make an existing user looks like a LDAP user is put putting an LDAP object with the right uid.