Links Broken after Migration

I’ve migrate my xwiki from server and version to 12.10.4

I’ve my pages on new xwiki, the problem is when I try to edit them, by pushing the button for add a property for example.

In my old xwiki the link generated was for example

and now is

that beside not be valid, I cannot longer edit my info.

What could be the cause of this inconsistence ?

Thank you all

It looks like you have some custom code that generates those URLs so you need to check why that code doesn’t work as before. It seems it injects some parameters in the URL using Velocity code that is not evaluated anymore.

Thank for your tip.
Do you have any idea where this kind of code can be located on xwiki folders ?

This code is not on the file system most probably but on wiki pages (database). It looks like you’re using some application (set of wiki pages) on top of XWiki and this application doesn’t work as expected after the upgrade.

First you need to determine if this application was installed (through the Extension Manager) or simply developed (or imported) on your XWiki instance. In the first case you need to find the extension on and contact the developers of that extension. In the second case you need to find who wrote/developed/imported the application in your XWIki instance.

If that doesn’t help then you need to locate the wiki pages that define this application and check their code (content or objects).

I went through my pages and I realize that the old xwiki has the page xwiki/bin/view/XWiki/ClassSheet with source code inside, and the same page doesn’t exists on the new one.
I’ve restore the same database on new server, is it normal that this page doesn’t exist on new xwiki ?


No, it’s not normal. The XWiki.ClassSheet page should be available by default.

I’ve corrected it and I’ve identified the button that ‘generates’ the broken link.
The code for the button is
{{automaticallyCreateItem itemTemplate=“Code.FormuleRGEditTemplate” itemKey=“FORM” itemName="$services.localization.render(‘almond.add.add’)" /}}

The page Code/FormuleRGEditTemplate has {{include document=“Code.FormuleRGEditSheet”/}}

The page Code/FormuleRGEditSheet has this code:
#set($class = $doc.getObject(‘Code.FormuleAffichEditClass’).xWikiClass)

Revenir à : [[$doc.getParent()]]

{{header name="$services.localization.render(‘almond.section.condition’)" level=‘4’ edit=‘true’ /}}


{{suggestInsertVar field=“value” containerObject=“Code.FormuleRGEditClass” fieldAnchor=“HValue” fieldClass=“Code.VarEditClass” /}}

{{header name="$services.localization.render(‘almond.section.result’)" level=‘4’ edit=‘true’ /}}


{{suggestInsertVar field=“result” containerObject=“Code.FormuleRGEditClass” fieldAnchor=“HResult” fieldClass=“Code.VarEditClass” /}}

{{displayReviewContent objectToCheck=“RULE EDIT” /}}


How can I identify the code that is triggered when the button is pressed?