Links in Application section (top left) do not include https despite xwiki.url.protocol=https

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I am new to XWiki. My setup includes an Apache2 Proxy in front of a most current installation of the debian tomcat8-mysql package. Tomcat8 listens on port 8411 so that XWiki is locally available at

The configuration of the Apache2 Proxy includes:
ProxyPass /xwiki/ timeout=120 Keepalive=On
ProxyPassReverse /xwiki/
ProxyPass / timeout=120 Keepalive=On
ProxyPassReverse /

In xwiki.cfg, I configured the public available URL in Parameter xwiki.home. Furthermore, xwiki.url.protocol=https

The settings work quite fine, as all Wiki links work as expected. However, this is not true for the left column, section “Applications” with the links to Dashboard, Help, Sandbox, + More Applications. The links are correctly rewritten to the public available URL, but without https in front. Clearly, I specified the full URL in xwiki.home, including https at the beginning. Below the section “Application”, the section “Navigation” is shown. The links below “Navigation”, starting with “Home”, correctly start with https. Also all other links used throughout the Wiki contain the https and work fine.

Does anybody have a hint how to include https in the links of the section “Application” so that proper navigation is available for the entire XWiki?

Thank you very much.

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Actually you should not even have absolute URLs in that panel. I just reproduced it in 11.0 and this seems to be a regression (I did not reproduced it in 10.11). Looking into it.