Links to local shares

Is there a chance to make links to files on a local share which are opened and not downloaded when i click the link? xwiki is installed on a local server.

I’m not sure if this a problem with the browser or with xwiki.

yes, see the UNC notation at

You’ll need to tell your browser to allow it (it’s protected by default in most browsers).

yeah i know that there are safety issues with local links and i changed my browser to open local links, but the files where downloaded and not opened.

I think this is controlled through the mime type and there’s an xwiki config property for that.

I see in

# Attachment

#-# [Since 5.2M2]
#-# Define the kind of attachment that can be displayed inline. You can either choose to do it through a whitelist
#-# (only the mimetypes defined in this list would be displayed inline) or a blacklist (every mimetype that is not in
#-# this list would be displayed inline if possible).
#-# Note that only one configuration is used between the whitelist and the blacklist, and the whitelist always have
#-# the priority over the blacklist. Also note that these configurations exist for security reason so they are only
#-# impacting attachments added by users who do not have programming rights.
#-# If you want to force downloading some attachments types please check the configuration below.
#-# By default we use the following whitelist (coma separated list of values).
#-# If you prefer to use a blacklist instead, you can define the forbidden types here, as a coma separated list of
#-# values. We advise you to forbid at least the following mimetypes : text/html, text/javascript

This is for attachments though and I don’t know if it’ll work for UNC links (possibly not).

Do you know what HTML to write to do what you want?

maybe just add target="_top" or better the CSS equivalent

Thanks, i will try that