Links traget in Diagram Application module

Hi everyone,

I’m looking if it is any way to select the target of a link (self, blank, auto) in Diagram Application module ?
Actually, it is only possible if I change the code of the diagram (under Extras, Modify Diagram).
I’m looking for a solution more user friendly … Can somebody help me ?

Thanks a lot

There’s no UI or user-friendly way to do this ATM. See my comment on Add option to configure diagram links to open in new tab · Issue #14 · xwikisas/application-diagram · GitHub .

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I read your answer on GitHub, your solution will be good for me !
I didn’t find where I have to do changes ? Can you tell me the location of DiagramViewSheet.xml ? I’m running xwiki on Debian 10 and I install the Diagram Application with the extension manager.

Thanks for your help

You need to edit the Diagram.DiagramViewSheet wiki page using the object editor (for which you need to configure your user profile to be an advanced user).