List of layoutParams Blog

I am curious as to whether their exists some extra information with regards to the layoutparams found on the official app page:

The reason I am asking is because I am trying to use the blog post macro to simply show an image and the title. But the 3 options that i know of dont allow that (or i lack the knowledge to use them effectively). Its either full image with the entire blog post (params=“displayTitle=true|useSummary=false”) , or image with a summary of the post (params=“displayTitle=true|useSummary=true”).

I am hoping there is a parameter i can use to allow the image and the title to be the only ones shown.


It would be quite weird that the blog content would not be used so I don’t think we have such a parameter.

If you think you have some valid use cases you could create a jira issue for the blog app, explain the use case and propose a Pull Request. Thx!

I see, will gauge whether its something thats truly needed or not, before pushing forward for it.