Live Data Boolean Filters

Hello all,

In the context of the development of the Live Data Application we are going to introduce a new filter dedicated to the filtering of columns containing boolean values.

This filters will be used for the quick filtering of data presented with the table layout, when no advanced filter is set.
This filter must allow to model three states:

  • all: no filter
  • true: only the line with a true value are presented
  • false: only the line with a false value are presented

I currently have three ideas in mind, presented below, but fell free to propose other design direction.

I’ve created a jsfiddle to show an interactive prototype of the propositions (I can easily integrate new ones, or modify the existing ones if need be).

Proposition 1


Two checkboxes, one true, one false.

The main cons of the proposition is it also allow a ‘none’ filter where no lines are displayed, by unchecking the two checkboxes.

Proposition 2


Three radio butons: all/true/false


  • no unsound states possible
  • all the values are directly visible to the user
  • no very compact

Proposition 3


Select field with tree values ‘—’ (all), true, and false.


  • compact
  • no unsound states possible


PS: @mflorea and @cdesableau are off today but will probably have some idea regarding this proposal :slight_smile:

What about the “third state”: “value not specified / value not defined” ?

@mleduc the filter should take a single line of space otherwise the filter row from the table layout looks bad. Moreover, the filter should take a single value. For multiple values the user can add multiple constraints (from the Advanced Filtering panel). So only your last proposal satisfies these criteria IMO, the one based on a drop down list.


This is a good point. I don’t think the existing filter propose this option but it could be an interesting evolution.

Here is an update PoC where the radio buttons and checkboxes are put in a single line
In this case the radio buttons option also satisfies the listed constraints.
However, I must disclose that I personally prefer the dropdown list version :slight_smile:

I still prefer the drop down because it can take less horizontal space which is important when you have many columns (in the table layout).