LiveData: How to build a custom Datasource


I’ve been trying to build a custom livedata datasource (I’m using XWiki 12.10.7). The datasource will go off to another service to collect up the data, format it according to the livedata structure and hopefully that will mean it can be rendered by the livedata macro.

I’ve been using the Live Table source as an example to work from whilst also trying to keep my code as simple as I can until I become more familiar with how it all works.

My current problem seems to be that the Live Data framework is not picking up my data source. If I go to https://<xwiki>/rest/liveData/sources/ I get an XML response that lists the liveTable datasource but my data source is not listed.

I guess my first question is… Does anyone know what the minimum criteria is for a custom data source to be seen by the Live Data framework?

Thanks in advance,

I’d forgotten to update the components.txt file :man_facepalming:

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