Looking for a Inventory inside XWIKI

Hello @all,
is there a solution for a Inventory Site internal XWIKI?
I my case a have a Excel Sheet and in there a lot’s of User and his permission and also an export funktion to add user via powershell script to ActiveDirecory.
The Side needs to be have a internal Search funktion and looks on input if there is a double entry.
TheLook and Fiel cloud be like a taskplaner from xiwki.

Any Suggestions are very welcome

Many thank’s in advanced

When I first looked around my XWiki installation, I found a movie database in the applications (as a dummy). I guess you could set one up for whatever purpose as well.

Hello dahin,

many thank’s for that.
Can someone explain to me how can i change the red marked fields with customized fields?

Also is there a import funktion for all my userdatas?

Many thank’s

Hi, maybe this will help: https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/App%20Within%20Minutes%20Application

Hello vmassol,
thank’s for relpay.
I have seen this before but did’t helps me.
but now i have find out how that one works.

Another Questions:
I have now this entrys:
If i have Name and Firstname how can i generate under abbreviation (Kürzel) the first carracter from Name and Firstname like: John Doe = abbreviation is JD
Also how can import data form my excel Sheed to this one?

Many many thank’s for helping

A quick google search on “xwiki excel import” revealed this link: https://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Batch+Import+Application

Yes thank you i have found that now.
If i test that with excel file i can download from Batch Import Application i get a error message after “Select File”

An error occurred while trying to read the columns from the file:
[java.io.IOException] Canot read excel file, no plugin found. Check that the excel plugin is installed in your wiki and properly configured.
at org.xwiki.batchimport.internal.iterators.ExcelImportFileIterator.resetFile(ExcelImportFileIterator.java:99)
at org.xwiki.batchimport.internal.DefaultBatchImport.getColumnHeaders(DefaultBatchImport.java:154)
at org.xwiki.batchimport.BatchImportService.getColumnHeaders(BatchImportService.java:333)
at jdk.internal.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor2114.invoke(Unknown Source)

The normal import of a Excel file are working.

if i export a sheet to csv i can import it but can not select single column

I think you have to type the column name.

Hello Dahin,
type in the column are not possible because i have only the choice to select

and nothing
thats all, type in somthing is not possible :frowning:

I have checked several csv files with differnent inputs but nothing is working.

Maybe its because you are using semicolons as delimiters?

Again thank you very much for helping!
in my CSV there are no semicolons.
They are looking like this:
User ID,Name,Vorname,Vorname Kuerzel Nachname,Kuerzel,Firma,Mail
u0xxx,doe,john,john jd doe,jd,myBusiniss,john.doe@t.com

I have also test with semicolons but same result.
Only it i have only column like Name, that one can be import.

OK it seems that i have found the problem
The First Line the heading hat spaces in there, that one shoud be the Problem.

So next problem is to build a export function with special Fields for Poweshell scripting, but that one is another problem :smiley:

Great. Thanks for sharing the solution :slight_smile: