Macro error after converting confluence page

Hi Users,

In my confluence there was an macro which defines tables with data like below,

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After converting this page to XWiki using Confluence XML, i could see error in that macro.


I could understand that macro name “details” is not available in my XWiki.

If i look at source,


i now require above macro to look like below in XWiki,


Could anyone help me out to achieve it?

This macro (like most macros) is simply not converted to any XWiki equivalent by the Confluence input filter, it just convert it to some macro with the same name.

From there you have two choices:

Still need to find time to document all that properly…

Tutorial for creating a wiki macro: (the simplest).


I have created an sample macro by following this link,

I have deployed it as jar file. But then it indicates as input to the XWiki Rendering Parser


Could you please elaborate on this?

That’s how a macro is used. That’s what you will find in your imported confluence page (you need to look at the sources, the WYSIWYG is hiding all that).

Started that at :slight_smile: