Make "xwiki" entry disappear from user menu

In the menu at the top there is an entry “xwiki” which allows to see amny things which are not relevant for standard users. I would like to remove it from there, but I did not figure out how to do that.
If I do remove the access for the normal user group to the page “xwiki”+childern, then the menus stay in “loading”.
If I remove it with the Navigation Panel, then it is removed from the left side but not from the top menu.

Hi. You only see them because you’ve enabled hidden documents for your user (it’s off by default). See for ex.

I just checked: The page is marked as hidden and in the user profile “show hidden pages” was set to nothing. I changed it to “No” and tried again.
Unfortunately, I can still see the entry when I log in with that user.
I tried to create a new user, but the result is the same.
Thanks for your support

No, you see it because it has child pages that are visible (not hidden). ATM the only options are: (1) either hide the child pages or (2) customize the breadcrumb trees to exclude some pages. The navigation tree excludes apply only to the Navigation panel ATM.

Yes sorry I read too fast.

@Trying Also, if it happens that the pages that you see are not pages you created un your wiki but coming from an extension you could report a JIRA issue at (if that extension has a project there, if not then it means you’re using some completely unsupported extension anyway and well… there’s no support at all for it) for that extension so that the page becomes hidden by default since in that case it’s probably an oversight.

To be sure that I did not mess-up the configuration I unstalled and installed xwiki.
But still it is the same behavior.
Even if I am not logged in, I can see the entries:

Where can I configure the breadcrumb trees?

Because the installation came up with an empty flavor list, I installed first
then org.xwiki.platform_xwiki-platform-administration-ui_12.2.1.xar.
After that, I had the normal admin UI and installed xwiki standard flavor as extension - which then installs several other. So I would say: no unsupported extensions. But as well no idea which extension may cause it.

It’s normal that you see XWiki entry in a clean instance because by default this page has two visible child pages: the XWiki syntax help and the admin user profile page. So again, if you don’t want o see this page in the tree then you need to:

  • either hide the syntax help and the user profile pages. Hiding the user profiles is not easy and probably not a good idea
  • customize the breadcrumb trees; this is possible but not at all trivial. You need to modify hierarchy_macros.vm directly or from a custom skin. You can pass excludes among the tree parameters, as the navigation panel does.

So in short, you cannot configure the breadcrumb tree OOB (it’s not a built-in feature) except by modifying some xwiki default page/code, as Marius mentioned. The role of the breadcrumb is for navigation and to show you the set of pages in your wiki.

Could you explain you real use case? Why do you want to hide some parts of the Breadcrumb tree? Which parts would you like to hide and why?

And if the Syntax Help was moved under a Help node and the users moved under a Users node, would that change anything to your need?

For example why would you want to hide non-hidden pages from the XWiki space?

I’m trying to assert if there’s some generic need.


Idea: I guess what we could do @mflorea is implement the breadcrumb as a UIX so that would allow users to disable it and replace it with their own version. WDYT?

Related note: We still need a simple way to disable UIX, that’s Loading...

my use case was that I did want users to see only the pages which I want them to see.
My first try was to set the group rights so that the users in one group could not view the page plus its children. But then the tree at the top and in the navigation panel stayed in “loading…”.
Especially if not logged in, I would not like them to see user profiles.
And I have no idea what the Entity Name Validation is and what someone could do with it.

ok so that’s something different because it’s not because they’re not in the breadcrumb that not logged users won’t be able to see them. They can search for them, navigate by clicking author links, type them directly in the URL, etc.

Right now in XWiki I don’t think that this use case of making user profile pages not visible is possible.

Yeah that’s a bug on our side. It’s been fixed, see Loading...

Yeah I don’t think setting view rights on the XWiki space is something that would work. There are too any important pages for XWiki in there and they need to be accessible even for not logged users.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Are my take-aways from your feedback correct:

  • I could just mark Entity Name Validation as hidden by myself?
  • Even if users can see the subitems of XWiki, they could not misuse it (I mean in terms of security risk)?

Correct. It’ll also be auto-fixed when you upgrade the next version and your change will be merged automatically if you changed it too.

Correct, there’s no security risk.

Would it be a valid improvement request to prevent access to personal data (like user profiles)? At least if not logged in. Or even better to be able to assign this right to groups or users.

This is already the case. If you make the guest user not have the view permission in your wiki (ie a private wiki) then not logged-in users won’t be able to view profile pages.

I still did not succeed.
Whatever I did, a not logged-in user could either see only the login form or many more pages.

What do I need to set

  • In the global access rights under “user / unregistered user”?
  • In the global access rights in the three checkboxes at the bottom?
  • In the access rights of the pages that the not-logged-in user should see?


Hi, did you check ?


I found my problem: After changing the access rights I did not enter the base URL again but just pressed F5 to reload. So I stayed on the login page even if there was already access allowed to some page before login.