Making another Wiki The Main Wiki on Startup

Hello, I would like some help on making a second sub wiki that was created after the initial wiki as the main wiki. Cant seem to figure out how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

i don’t know if that’s possible (never seen it done). I see in xwiki.cfg that there’s:

#-# [Since 1.6M1]
#-# Force the database name for the main wiki.
# xwiki.db=xwiki

But I’ve never tried changing this value. You could try it but make sure you perform back of your XWiki setup + DB just in case you need to rollback.


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Will test it out and let you know.


So it does actually work!!! And its pretty smooth as well. Simply insure you restart Tomcat, and clear you browsing cache and it should work as expected.

Haven’t tested fully to see if everything is ok, but most things seem to be working just fine. One note however, the login screen loses the custom look based on the previous wiki and reverts to the default wiki look, I am yet to understand how it picks its theme, so I cannot say how to fix that. Might be something to do with view permissions on the current wiki maybe?

Thanks again for the help, much appreciated.