Management actions and config and UI in XWiki

Hi devs,

I see on http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/admin/XWiki/XWikiPreferences?editor=globaladmin&section=Likes that we exposed a technical management option which is the cache capacity for Likes. I don’t recall if we do that elsewhere already but anyway this raises the question of what we want to do about JMX options.

Note: Technically, I hope that the Like cache capacity is exposed as a JMX MBean since this is what we decided to do (Search results for jmx - MarkMail) .

I see 3 options:

  1. provide our own UI for JMX actions and configuration options

  2. bundle one of the numerous existing generic UIs for JMX

  3. don’t bundle any but document how to use existing JMX management app (such as visualJVM, jconsole, etc). Nore that this is currently what we do at Monitoring (

  4. is the most costly by far and not complete (we’ll miss actions and features, like the ones exposed by the Servlet container or Hibernate or Infinispan, etc). It’s also the most usable probably. However it also makes our admin UI more complex to use since it may litter it with lots of quite technical management options. So if we were to do 1) we could also offer a Management category separate from the configuration category for each feature/extension.

For 2) we would need to look for it that we can integrate. I remember MX4J but it seems dead-ish now.

I would go for 3) and look at stuff like