Manually Invoke Bootstrap Tour if its Disabled

If I disabled the Bootstrap-Tour:

Is there any way to enable my users to manually view / invoke this tour?

I.e. I only want to disable autostart, as it’s always invoked if you clear the cookies. I want to provide a “new users” link on our main wiki page or some similar means which new users can use to view the tour anyway, though.

Yes, see the doc: :slight_smile:

Are your referring to

Force the display of a tour

The user can close a tour, and then his choice is saved on his browser. However, you can force the display of the tour adding ?startTour=true to the URL of the page.


Adding this query parameter does not seem to work for me, the tour does not start if I use it.

Maybe it only works if the Tour is disabled using Cookies (because it already has been displayed) but not if it was disabled on the configuration page as described in


Alternatively, I’ve possibly not discovered the relevant information yet…

My goal is to configure the tour in a way such that it’s never started automatically, not even after clearing cache and cookies, but that it’s possible to invoke it manually - maybe using a special URL as described on the Extension info page.

Just for the record: According to Xwiki Support, the “startTour” argument does not have an effect if the tour was disabled in the settings.

Disabling the tour by default but being able to invoke it on a case-by-case basis currently is not supported and would be a new feature.

FTR, Gunter means the professional XWiki SAS support from

I was going to say that you could raise a jira issue on the tour app issue tracker but I’ve just noticed that it’s been done already by Andreea: Loading...

Yes, sorry, I don’t know the tour app well and indeed what you want doesn’t seem possible right now. It wouldn’t be that hard to implement that I guess. Someone would just need to find the itch and time to do it. If you really need this feature and don’t want to wait for someone to implement it, please note that you always have the option to sponsor its development too.

No worries.

It’s also no critical or very important feature to us, it would merely have been a “nice to have”.

The issue has been created now and maybe we find some time to add this feature ourselves and provide a patch. (Though not too likely ATM, as we’re also pretty busy all the time…)

ok cool.

hehe… I know the feeling :slight_smile: