MariaDB support

Hi devs,

Right now we don’t officially support MariaDB, see

Thomas mentioned yesterday that the Debian packaging will use MariaDB on some debian OSes. However that is not enough to say we support it IMO.

For me supporting means that we test for it in our CI. So if we want to support MariaDB properly and put it in the supported DB page we should finish adding support for it in our XWiki Docker Test framework and use it in

So I propose that we do that. I’ll try to find some time to work on it but if someone else wants to do it, it’s fine too :wink:

Note that supporting it has a cost since it’s another DB to support and this means running all our tests on it which means using more CI Agent CPUs and time.

So I’d like to make sure we’re ok with that. Opinions?

PS: FTM I’ve added MariaDB in the unsupported section of


Because of Debian (and most Linux distributions I think) decision to use MariaDB as mysql “implementation” more and more people end up using it so better support it officially.