Markdown, display a table with vertical separators

Dear XWiki. Please, can i ask you release display table with vertical separator.

Example of like now

but it will look much better

like in GitLab

in both case i use identical markdown template

|  Syntax   | Description |
| --------- | ----------- |
|  Header   |    Title    |
| Paragraph |    Text     |

Hi, I don’t think this is related to Markdown at all. It’s related to HTML and CSS in particular.

Could you try ?


I think it depends on the type of content you’re writing :slight_smile:

Wow, your support is awesome, thx. ) i Like XWiki, its great

Right, that is not Markdown features, but table looks much aesthetically pleasing if vertical divide is drawn. This can be implemented by default, as is done for example in GitLab.

Your link has formatting for XWiki ( XWiki.StyleSheetExtension) and everything is great with tables, but Markdown ( Markdown Extension 1.2) lacks separators, it seems to me.
Can i use this XWiki extension for Markdown page?

Yes, it’ll work with any markup. It acts on the HTML.

Please give an text example or link with table examples in XWiki with Markdown format page

its look like worked if i add HTML section with table style before markdown code, but i would really like the borders of the table will be drawn

    <title>Title of the document</title>
      td {
        padding: 10px;
        border: 1px solid black;
        border-collapse: collapse;

No no, you need to follow the instructions on

Have you read the doc at ?

You should not change your page content!


You are right, you are very right. Now the tables look correct to me as I wanted them to. XWiki really provides very flexible options. I only wish you the best of luck. Thx.


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