Mastodon XWiki Account / Leaving Twitter/X

Hello all,

I’d like to open this discussion, on having a Mastodon account for XWiki. And possibly, leaving Twitter/X (I’ll use Twitter for short for the rest of this discussion).
This topic has already been discussed here and there but nothing of the forum, so here we are.

Pros of going to Mastodon:

  • Open Source and distributed platform with a good and growing community
  • @surli, @MichaelHamann and myself had some discussions on Mastodon, does that also happen on Twitter?

Cons of going to Mastodon:

  • Yet another account to manage

Pros of leaving Twitter:

  • The platform and its moderation are more and more criticized, and people a moving to alternatives (Mastodon, Bluesky…). Note that I don’t have numbers about this size of this migration, but this is a trending topic

Cons of leaving Twitter

  • twitter still has quit a lot of users
  • Our 428 following won’t get notified this way

Please vote for the following options:

  1. Agree to create a mastodon account (in this case we’ll need to discuss where, either on an existing instance of on a self-hosted one).
  2. Agree to stop using Twitter

Voting for 1 and not for 2 means updating our release process to publish new releases on Twitter and Mastodon, which is a bit more work.


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Thanks for bringing this here.

I’m +1 for 1 and 2.

We could just start posting that we’ll stop using that account, possibly with a link to a page on detailing our social networks account, since AFAIR posting directly a mastodon account in a tweet is forbidden there…

Personally I’ve not yet used Mastodon and it’s hard for me to vote right now without knowing how well it would work to advertise XWiki.

Another idea would be to start posting the news on both Twitter and Mastodon for some time + announce that to our users and tell them that eventually we might be looking to move away from Twitter (depending on the success of the experiment). It would also give time to the current committers to learn Mastodon + see how many people would follow us there.



For me:

  • +1 to 1)
  • -0 to 2) (close to -1) FTM (I’d like some time to have both and learn about Mastodon and how well it works and how many followers we would get)

+1 for 1 and 2. Note that the top sponsoring company, XWiki SAS, is already on Mastodon: XWiki SAS ( - Fosstodon

I’m not active on Twitter so I have no idea how much activity there (still) is, but from my perspective, there is a lot of activity related to open source projects on Mastodon and from my impression basically all major open source projects are represented there.

Yep and it’s also on Twitter:

BTW maybe not the best that the xwiki handle was taken by XWiki SAS and not given to the open source project. To be discussed with them maybe. If it stays like this we would need to use xwikiorg probably (similar to what we had to do on Twitter: ).

Or just use another Mastodon host, there is no need to choose And we could easily validate the domain on the open source project’s account to show that this is the official account of the open source project.

Okay, but hard to tell without being logged in if they’re still using it as I only see a single post from October 2022.

As of now, the last post is from 17th of November 2023:

I think we need some consistency in the handle name or it would be a mess.

+1 but I would really prefer that we don’t add the burden of maintaining a self-hosted instance of mastodon


Well, if we can convince XWiki SAS to host to for us, it would be fine for me.
For now, XWiki SAS is and on the fediverse.
As we have, I suggest to create following the same logic.

I’ll consider that we keep our twitter account for now. Therefore, I propose to proceed as follows:

Once we get some feedback, we can re-discuss the migration out of Twitter.

PS: Couldn’t find a link from to out twitter account but if there is one please let me know, I’ll update the place with a link to mastodon as well.

It’s on the right bottom:

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It’s also on the release plans template help page:

+1 for both.


Thanks, link integrated there too!