Meetup #6 on Google Hangouts On Air

Following our fifth meetup, I’m announcing the sixth one!

Next meetup details:

The goal is to have some open discussions about XWiki: pain points, future, ideas, etc.

Proposed agenda:

  • Pascal Bastien will describe what they’ve done with XWiki at this company
  • Presentation about XWiki 10.1 & 10.2 features
  • Anyone else want to present or discuss something specific? Add yourself in reply and I’ll update this post.


So who will be there (edit this post to add yourself and if don’t have permission add as a reply):

  • Vincent Massol (committer)
  • Pascal Bastien (contributor)
  • (add here)

To participate:

Are you sure about your link? It doesn’t work for me (I use my browser).

@Pbas: the link is and you need chrome to use it

Thank you everyone and especially @Pbas for his demo.

You can view the recording at

no problem :slight_smile: , thxs to provide us a great xwiki.