Menu macro and WYSIWYG not working properly - for a few users

This seems to have happened very recently. I use the Menu application to do custom dropdown menus for content access. Recently a few users have reported that it displays the entire menu tree instead of as drop downs across the top.

In the past, I have removed/ re-added users to an “all users” group and this has fixed the issue.

A couple of users are also noting that some of the buttons in the WYSIWYG editor (LINK) is not working - but within the context of the Blog app.

wiki is v5.4.5.

Any insight is appreciated.

wow :slight_smile:

I’d really recommend upgrading to at least 9.11.7 or 10.8 (10.8.1 coming soon).

When you say WYSIWYG, I guess you mean the GWT editor. This is something that was dropped several years ago and not supported anymore. We’re now on CKEditor. In the community we support only some versions of XWiki, see:

Note: if you really want to stay on XWiki 5.4.5 you could ask one of the companies sponsoring the dev of XWiki for help, see