Menus - How do I make it work?

Please help me fix this one. I am not using the default Navigation.Panel - since the pages are alphabetically sorted. I do not want that.

So, I tried making a “Menu” of my own through the Menus application.

  1. First of all I do not want the root to be “Menu”. But, I don’t find a way to clear that and make 'DeviceCloud(ODC) as my root.

  2. DeviceCloud(ODC) menu has children - but, it doesn’t expand on clicking.

Has anyone tried it before? I am using XWIKI 11.10.4.


The menu you created wasn’t actually put on the left panel. What you see on the left side is still the Navigation panel. The reason is explained in

Currently, in order to have the menu displayed inside a right/left panel you need to make one more step: add the menu page you created (e.g. Menu.MyMenu) to the list of right/left panels in the administration, e.g. Panels.Applications,Panels.Navigation,Menu.MyMenu.

Hope this helps,

I’m currently have similar issue. I have created a Menu Called ‘TestMenu’.

In the PanelWizard I add “Menu.TestMenu” to “A comma separated list of panels to display on the left column. E.g.: Panels.Applications, Panels.Navigation” so that it looks like this:
Panels.Applications, Panels.Navigation,Menu.TestMenu

Afterwards I save it with “Save Layout”. Do I miss something? (its the global wiki without using a subwiki)

get it working by Using “Menu.TestMenu.WebHome” - don’t know if this is how its intended.