Migration from Confluence to XWiki


I have used Confluence Migrator Pro in order to migrate one space from Confluence to XWiki. The issue is that the articles posted on Confluence looked crashed in XWiki and the text was squeezed into each other. But of course, it looked fine in Confluence. I was wondering how to fix this error so everything looks in order in the migrated articles in XWiki? Thank you.

Hi @turajmammadli,

Thanks for reaching the XWiki community. There’s not much detail in your forum post but If you think it’s a bug in Confluence Migrator Pro, feel free to open an issue at Issues · xwikisas/application-confluence-migrator-pro · GitHub with a clear description of:

  • the steps needed to reproduce the issue
  • a confluence export package with which we can reproduce the issue on our end
  • what you are expecting
  • what you got instead (and a XAR export would be most helpful)

Be very careful to not share sensitive / private information when joining exports publicly. The best way to avoid this would be to create a reproduction case with a brand new confluence space using a test user.

Note that Confluence Migrator Pro is a Pro application developed and sold by XWiki SAS and forum.xwiki.org is not quite the right place to get help on Pro extensions. Consider buying support from XWiki SAS if you need help with your migration or timely bug fixes on Confluence Migrator Pro or other Pro packages, and/or if you need to share private/sensitive data to get the bug fixed.

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