Mocca calendar macro filter : "espace" behaves as "wiki" (xwiki set in french)

Hello !
On space welcome pages, I often insert a widget with the mocca calendar macro.
The problem is, I noticed that even if I select “space” as a filter (in fact “espace” as I’m set in french), it still behaves as “wiki” filter. The “page” filter is ok though.
I’ve just updated mocca calendar and the full calendar extension to the last version.
Many thanks !
Special greetings and winking to @ClemensRobbenhaar

Sorry for needing that much time to get around to this problem.

I checked the French translations, and indeed it suggests to use “espace” for the value of the “filter”/“scope” in the corresponding description.

Unfortunately this is not how it works. The fields does only understand the English variant of the values, i.e. “wiki”, “space” and “page”. If a missing or unknown value is encountered, it uses “wiki” instead.

Could you please use “space” and see if that works? I am sorry for the confusion, but the people providing the translations are not necessarily aware of the technical details, and without the technical context it is not obvious that the value of “space” should not be translated in this case.

I think you can add a comment on the English version of the translation indicating just that, and it will be displayed in Weblate.

Dear Clemens

I should have mentioned… I had the same idea but “space” does not work either ! In fact it is worse : no event are displayed any more.

for example in the space named “Projet NDI”, I have one event on the 9th of february
and here is what I see if I put “space” or “page” :
and here is what I see if I put “wiki” or indeed any other string, like “espace” :
I don’t want the events in purple, that are not form the calendar in the space, to be displayed.

Many thanks in advance !

Sigh, I tried to reproduce with the information given in the screenshots, but I cannot, even if I create a space hierarchy exactly as given in the screens.

There is only one way to reproduce it on my side, and that is to set the filter to space and also type in something in the “Calendar page” field of the macro - “Page du calendrier” in French. This field is supposedly unused when the filter is set to “space”, but it seems to do something - just not something useful.

Can you please check if there is a value for the “Page du calendrier” in the calendar macro where no events are shown (at least if the filter is set to space)? Maybe clearing that field will help.

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Dear Clemens,

You’re right ! I might have filled this field during my tests, before to understand that it might not be espace but space, and when I empty it, it seems to work fine ! So there is only the translation left to fix in the documentation and also in the edit window of mocca calendar :
" Afficher les événements depuis …
Les valeurs disponibles sont : “wiki”, “espace”, “page”. Wiki : Tous les événements Espace : Uniquement les événements de l’espace du calendrier Page : Uniquement les événements qui sont enfants de cette page."

Also I have to look more in details to what the calendar page is supposed to do.

Many thanks again !