Modify xwiki's search engine behaviour to add "weight" to pages tags


We’re trying to modify xwiki’s search engine behaviour to add “weight” to pages tags by modifying solr core “xwiki” configuration.
We tried to change “qf” definition in solrconfig.xml file but it seems to have no impact. It behaves like if xwiki overlaped it.
Do you know what’s the way to configure it ?

Confiugration : XWiki V14.10.0 / MySQL 5 / Tomcat 9 / Cluster mode with detached Solr


That’s indeed the case, what’s in solrconfig.xml is just very basic default and the actual search in the UI is a bit more complex than that.

You might want to take a look at Solr Search Application (

Thanks for the quick reply. It worked by changing velocity code source into Main.SolrSearchConfig page.
I’ve added “property.XWiki.TagClass.tags^400.0” in queryFields and decrease titles expandField from 400 to 100

{{velocity output="false"}}
#set ($__defaultSolrConfig = {
  'queryFields': {
    'DOCUMENT': 'property.XWiki.TagClass.tags^400.0 title^10.0 name^10.0
                 objcontent^0.4 filename^0.4 attcontent^0.4 doccontentraw^0.4
                 author_display^0.08 creator_display^0.08
                 comment^0.016 attauthor_display^0.016 spaces^0.016',
    'ATTACHMENT': 'filename^5.0 attcontent attauthor_display^0.2',
    'OBJECT': 'objcontent',
    'OBJECT_PROPERTY': 'propertyvalue'
  'phraseFields': {
    'DOCUMENT': "#expandField('title' '^100.0')
                 #expandField('doccontent' '^80.0')
                 filename^90.0 #expandField('attcontent' '^70.0')
                 author_display^40.0 creator_display^40.0 attauthor_display^20.0",
    'ATTACHMENT': "filename^90.0 #expandField('attcontent' '^70.0') attauthor_display^40.0",
    'OBJECT': 'objcontent^10.0',
    'OBJECT_PROPERTY': 'propertyvalue^10.0',
    ''        : "#expandField('title' '^100.0')
                 #expandField('doccontent' '^80.0')
                 filename^90.0 #expandField('attcontent' '^70.0')
                 author_display^40.0 creator_display^40.0
                 comment^50.0 attauthor_display^20.0
                 objcontent^10.0 propertyvalue^10.0"