More template possibilities without application functionality

we are currently creating a wiki for an entire federal state in northern Germany. To make it user-friendly for end-users, we want to create the best possible templates and restrict them to specific areas within the wiki.

For this purpose, we also want to create templates similar to those in custom applications, with various data fields like “Title”, “Short Description”, “Date” etc. However, we want to use this feature without building an application. It should not necessarily to create a table, as is the case with applications. When we simply create a new template, there is always only the option to create and prepare a title and a large text block. Is it possible to equip simple templates with more features like in applications?

I actually use appwithinminutes applications in the manner you describe, the trick for me was to get the application template to simulate the default new page interface. I did this by adding a ‘page’ data field and then have the page editor you use along with a sensible number of rows to visualise the page.

Depending on the time you have you can do more with the classsheet , heres an example of an applicationwithin minutes page … it can look like other pages!