Move App Within Minutes

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a way to move an application created with App Within Minutes (with all the documents created by the app) to another location (Release 10.11.8).

When I try to do this using the Move/Rename function I get the following error message:

"The pages you selected contain structured data types. Renaming these pages might prevent the wiki to work properly. Ask an advanced user to proceed on this refactoring.

The following pages are incriminated in the forbidden action as they contain structured data types:

Example Page Structure (Main.Example Page.Code.Example PageClass)"

I have read that this problem is solved in release 11.1 but is there a good workaround for 10.11.8?

(I’m sorry if this problem has already been discussed elsewhere)

Thank you in advance for your answers.


There’s no easy workaround AFAIK. The main issue is this : if you move / rename the page that defines the application structure (the class) the existing application pages are not updated and there’s no way to do the migration from the XWiki UI besides going through each page and adding an object of the new definition, copy the data from the old definition and remove the old object. There’s this script that could help but then, after you migrate the application data, you need to edit the application metadata (stored in objects attached to the application code pages) in order to update the page references (to match the new location) and finally you need to regenerate the application code by going through the application wizard.

Thank you very much for the detailed help. I’ll try to make it work somehow.