Move xwiki-platform-extension-versioncheck to the attic

Hello everyone,

I discovered today the presence of this module in xwiki-platform: xwiki-platform/xwiki-platform-core/xwiki-platform-extension/xwiki-platform-extension-versioncheck at master · xwiki/xwiki-platform · GitHub

It has been apparently created by @caubin as part of Loading...

There is several problems with this module:

Moreover the way for doing it would be probably different with the index of extensions introduced by @tmortagne and note that Loading... is still open today.

So for all those reasons I propose that we just move this module to the attic.


+1 Thanks

If we fixed the event target, would the extension work? To me this sounds like an easy fix if this is all that’s broken. The fact that it is not discoverable could probably also be easily fixed - if we determine that the extension is working, we could just bundle it. In my opinion an update notification/version check is something important to have so unless not just an implementation detail but the whole implementation needs to be changed, I don’t see why the whole extension should be moved to the attic.

+1 to move to contrib or attic (depending on whether Clement wants to continue it or not)

+1 to do it right and include the feature in XS at some point (requires some design and discussions).

The short answer is no: it would only work on wikis having an XWikiAdminGroup defined, which is not something we can expect everywhere. So basically the way it’s done is currently wrong.

I agree and as Vincent suggested we should redo it with cleaner design.

This assumption is indeed not satisfiable everywhere, but reasonable for a fair percentage of the instances (which keep the standard groups).
This kind of assumptions are reasonable, IMO, for contrib extensions so I would say this should be moved to a contrib extension and the code fixed - it’s just a line, to at least give it a chance of being tested as a contrib extension.

If then, in contrib, it evolves to a solid and very reliable extension, I guess it could come back as a platform, bundled extension.

there is a feature to do version check - in extensions, the extensions updates section - it’s just not automatized and pushed under the nose of the wiki admin. But if an admin wants to keep their wiki up to date it’s easy to do so, so part of that important feature is achieved, it’s just more manual.

+1 ; no need to clog the platform with unused code