Moving xtool to xwiki-contrib

Hi everyone,

A couple of years ago, I started xtool as a side project to manage the jetty-hsqldb instances locally installed. Over time, a couple features were added, thanks to the work of @surli and @rjakse .

Today, there are a couple of community members using the tool for managing XWiki instances, and I’m wondering if it would make sense to move this tool (and its issue management) to the xwiki-contrib repository, in order to make it a bit more visible by the community.

Much like xinit ; xtool is not an XWiki extension, it’s a couple of python files to move zip files around.



Definitely +1 for that. It could be even documented in somewhere maybe in Development Tools - XWiki

+1 also from my side. I’m also using xtool and I even have some local modifications related to supporting even older versions that I should probably contribute. :slight_smile:

Sounds good, thanks

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I agree :slight_smile:



Thanks for the feedback ; I have moved the project on xwiki-contrib with the standard contrib repository configuration.

I also created the JIRA project XTOOL. I’ll look into migrating the current issues there.

Also created XTool ( for the project documentation.