Moving xwiki-rendering-macro-figure out of XWiki Standard

Hello everyone,

We have recently experienced the need to improve the figure macro outside of the XWiki Standard (XS) release cycle, and to allow other extensions to depend on the improved figure macro (e.g. the numbered figure application).

Therefore, I propose to move xwiki-rendering-macro-figure out of XWiki Standard.

Some additional notes:

  • while the figure macro is part of XS, it is not installed by default
  • we now have a syntax for [image captions] (XWiki Syntaxes (, the figure macro is not as needed as it could have been

I propose moving xwiki-rendering-macro-figure to a contrib macro-figure project.
I also propose XFIGURE for the Jira project.


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The “additional notes” you mention is actually the real rationale! :slight_smile: The first paragraph is not a good rationale as we don’t do that (we actually do the opposite: try to not have any contrib extension bundled in XS).

The main rationale is that the figure macro should not be a core macro (especially since we now have a syntax for having image captions). We already don’t bundle it in XS, and thus it’s currently not a core macro. More generally speaking, any module in xwiki-platform that’s not bundled in XS is most likely a candidate to be moved out of platform.

Are you proposing to break backward compatibility to change the packages to org.xwiki.contrib.figure for public APIs? I guess not, and we’ll keep the same packages for now? (ofc all non public classes should be moved to org.xwiki.contrib.figure for sure).


It’s ok for me in general to move the macro out to contrib.

I did not mention it but definitely +1



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