Multilingual Objects

Hi there,

as mentioned in the opener - a “thank you” is welcome here… So I´ll give one: You do great work and support us really in our work.

But I have one problem - it is regarding the old topic of multilingual and translatable objects. When do you really plan to realize this?

JIRA Issue [XWIKI-89]

We would really appreciate a quick and helpful reply. Many thanks in advance!


I’d say, not anytime soon, unless someone sends a Pull Request…

However there’s a workaround (not perfect though):

Thank you - unfortunately this is the answer I expected… OK. Nevertheless I´ll try to implement a “good” workaraound for this, also including not just showing multilingual content out of objects but also focussing on creating them.

I´ll keep you updated!

(And if I have some time left I´ll maybe open a pull request ;D - I´m not kidding.)


Nice :slight_smile: