Multilingual page behavior

My understanding is that XWiki’s behavior is that whenever a page is translated to a different language (I’m assuming this is done manually), then that language becomes the default language for the page.

  1. Is it possible to override this setting? We’d like to have a default language for each page (which does not change), and then translated versions.
  2. This would be beneficial since we could have a report which compared the latest version of the page in the default language to the last translated version, and identify page translations which need to be updated.
  3. Is there a way to internally automatically translate a page?
  4. This way the translated versions merely have to be reviewed / corrected instead of translating from scratch.
  5. We do not have internet access on our server, so the service would have to be integrated with XWiki or a local service


No. The default language of a page doesn’t change when you translate the page. The default language of the page is the language used when the page is created.