My wiki cannot import the document

  • My wiki cannot import the document

Then I checked the log, but I didn’t get any more information at present. The log is as follows:

In addition.I tried to change the maxHttpHeaderSize in server.xml, but it didn’t work

Hope to get support, thank you

Then I tried using XAR to export the document to a new version of the wiki, but office import was gone

It means that for some reason the office importer extension (which is a default extension installed by default in xwiki) isn’t installed. Maybe you could tell us exactly how you installed this wiki?

You could also check the Extension Manager and check the installed extensions to see if it’s there.

Last, you could install it if it’s not installed but it’s symptomatic of a more general problem that happened during your installation, so best is to tell us how you’ve installed your wiki, very precisely.


@May for your information there’s a known regression on XWiki 12.2 about office features. Best is to upgrade to XWiki 12.3 which fixes it, else you can also switch your wiki back to english.

ok so please disregard what I said. Seems like I was wrong and didn’t think that it could be an xwiki bug :wink:

Office import existed when I installed it all new on version 11.10.4, but it disappeared when I used XAR to restore backup.xar that I exported in version 10.10

The initial problem was that my version 10.10 could not import the word document (see the screenshot at the beginning). Then I tried to install version 11.10.4 completely, and the office import disappeared after using XAR to import

So the bug I was talking about was fixed in 12.3 and will be fixed in 11.10.5 but this one has not been released yet (see information about the bug on Loading...).
Right now, there is two workarounds:

  • the easiest one is just to change the whole language of the Wiki to english, and you’ll be able to use Office import again.
  • if you don’t want to change the whole language of the wiki, you can avoid the problem by editing the document XWiki/OfficeImporterTranslations and by changing the line:
office.config.serverState.connected=(some translation)



I don’t quite understand what it means to change the whole language to English because I use it in China and it’s too difficult for me not to be able to use Chinese.Another office. Config. ServerState. Connected = connected is to modify the directory, I’m not very understand, thank you for your answer, please give me some help

So there is an hidden document that you can see by going to an URL such as:

In that document you should see a line starting with:


all you have to do is to edit that page to put


Thanks for your help, it seems to be working for now, but my wiki keeps getting some errors:


I’m not sure this is going to cause another meltdown