MyXwiki: fail to open user profil (strange URL)

On my Wiki hosted in the community farm, when trying to open “my user profil” from the author link included in the header of all pages, I received the following error: "ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR.

If I look at the url link to my profile (see screen shot below), it looks like there is a confusion between https (port 443) and http (port 80):

I suspect a bad web server configuration. Can I change it by myself?

Looks like a bug in the URL generation when the protocol is not indicated in the descriptor. I worked around it by setting 443 explicitly.

Trying to reproduce and debug it locally.

Thanks Thomas, it’s now working (even if opening a profile on is very very slow).

Hope you will be able to reproduce and fix it “locally”.

Yes it’s fixed in Loading....

User profiles are slow on because of Loading.... I disabled the “Wikis” section for now.

Many thanks Thomas for your efficiency!

Hope someone will fix the “slow profile display because of wikis list” so you can enable it again on ;-).

Yeah in general I think the first thing to do is to make all the user section asynchronous so that at least a slow one does not block the whole profile.


I received a notification today linked to my subscriptions, and the “443” error is also present there ;-(.

Links in the mail have format (for instance and when “opening” them: “400 Bad Request” is raised instead of displaying the wiki page.

I don’t know what to do: report a bug, continue in this forum thread, re-opening the existing bug …?

For some reason, your wiki was forced on HTTP and was inheriting the port from the main wiki. I also removed the old workaround in the main wiki descriptor (explicit 443 port) which is not necessary anymore (since has been upgraded to 10.8.1).

Many thanks Thomas.

I will check next notification emails but I’m confident all “urls” are fixed and I may not come here again :wink: to report any strange behavior.

Thanks again!