Myxwiki is down since (at least) 24 hours ;-(

Like reported yesterday (see … Myxwiki is down for a while.

Can someone have a look?


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Mine also, for over 24 hours

And mine too! :wink:

Just checked and it has no more memory… I’ve restarted it.

2019-06-15 05:52:24.024 ERROR o.g.agent.impl.TransactionProcessor - Out of memory. [90108-176] Out of memory. [90108-176]

I think it’s my fault that it didn’t restart automatically as I think I forgot to put back autorestart the last time I restarted it. We would need some crontab check that autorestart is on, every 2 hours for example. Of course someone with free time also needs to look at why all the memory was used.

Sorry about that.

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Thank you very much Vincent! Readability Guidelines wiki is back up! And so is yours :smiley:

Sorry, I don’t have the tech know-how to look at why the memory was used, but I hope you find someone who does.


@vmassol Thanks for your human (forum) monitoring :rofl:.
Everything runs well on since 2 days.

cool :slight_smile:

According to the memory dump the winner is

haha this is a message for me, I need to fix this!

It’s possible is easier to fix it for but it might not be that easy to decide what to remove from the context.