Myxwiki is very slow


I’m trying to add new pages on my wiki hosted on the free community farm: and every action is very slow (page load, page copy, save, search …).

Is there a known performance issue on the infrastructure or on the Xwiki version running in this farm?

Thanks for your answers,

It may be (again) an indexation issue …

I confirm still “170 xxx” documents are to be indexed … this number is increasing slowly and remaining time is huge, it showed:

(Estimated time remaining: 170h 33m)


while indexing wikis on myxwiki are very slow to use …

11 hours later it’s worst …


A rapid calculation leads to more than one week before end of indexing task :scream:

  • Can someone have a look?
  • Why indexation slow down Wikis?
  • How to avoid this behavior in the future?

Hi @xrichard the problem actually seems to be an infra one, the slow indexation being more a consequence than a cause IMO.

We seem to have a lot of problems with this machine and not enough adminisys time to find the root issue quickly…

Ok thanks for your reply.

Good luck to find the good resources (time + people) to investigate issues on this Xwiki showcase.

Yet indexation state is: index will end in more than 1 week … excluding wiki activity in the meanwhile (new pages, modified pages, wiki upgrades …)

Are there any news on this subject? Thanks,

Is it possible just to “desactivate” search indexing? to check if respond time are better … yet is unusable even for displaying simple pages :upside_down_face:.


Yet myxwiki indexation has finaly ended but you were right => myxwiki is still very very slow :fearful:.

Have you any plan to take care of this server?

Just to let you know => this week-end response times were acceptable on myxwiki.