certificat expired?


Could some have a check?


No doubt:


I’m getting a similar error, only Chrome flavored (and en anglais:grin:). According to Chrome the certificate expired today (good for ~90 days).im-insecure

Have you been able to get back in? :crossed_fingers:

Indeed, we’re on it. Thanks for reporting and sorry about that.

It looks like issue has been solved (access to my Wiki is OK on my side).

Many thanks,

PS: will you perform some actions to prevent this expiration to occur? (monitoring and/or longer certificat?)

Yup, already handled!

Vincent: Shouldn’t it autorenew?
Admin: The cert can’t be autorenewed because a wildcard one, and it needs to make a DNS validation
Vincent: ok so if it cannot be auto-renewed, could we add it to a calendar so that next time we renew before it expires?
Vincent: could you handle that Admin?
Vincent: I’d like to make sure we don’t repeat it
Admin: sure


Thanks @vmassol for fixing this! :raised_hands:

Thanks Vincent.

https is fine and I’m glad someone will look at certificates renewal …