[myxwiki.org] No macro at all


Macro list is empty in my wiki hosted on myxwiki.org; see for instance the error message I receive when editing the standard Sandbox page for a basic macro like



Note: despite this error, macro are executed when viewing pages … like you can see in the background of the capture above (in view, preview and in WYSIWYG edit mode).

List of “empty” macros when trying to add a new macro in WYSIWYG edit mode:

May be linked to this bug: http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/CKEDITOR-180 / issue is due to missing PR for myxwiki users.

Can someone arrange this, at least for my wiki: https://tutos.myxwiki.org?

Thanks in advance.

I can’t believe how many problems you have on your wiki, that’s just amazing… :slight_smile:

Indeed looks related to http://jira.xwiki.org/browse/CKEDITOR-180 which would mean that WYSIWYG is not very usable on myxwiki.org. @mflorea is that so?

Hi Vincent,

I agree with you: the number of problems I have reported is amazing but hopefully there are also a lot of things that are working (1) which I don’t report here :yum: otherwise I would have given up :nauseated_face: especially since my needs are really in the main scope of Xwiki, to sum up: a basic Knowledge base.

(1) For instance today I managed to define a favicon and to customize the footer of my Wiki (even if there is room for improvement … I will open a Jira later).

Concerning this particular issue on macros: it’s (too often) linked to PR and we both have found the same Jira issue :blush: which identifies the origin of this strange behaviour. Waiting for @mflorea point of view.

The title and description of CKEDITOR-180 is pretty explicit about it no?

This creates problems in subwikis, where you need to save the MacroService page with a global user that has programming right.

And yes, the problem described by @xrichard is exactly CKEDITOR-180.

Now, the page that requires PR is CKEditor.MacroService and it was last modified one year ago. So the Extension Manager shouldn’t have changed the content author of this page, unless you didn’t upgrade the wiki pages from your XWiki instance on myxwiki.org in the past year.

Yes, I was asking because I was surprised such an important limitation of the farm use case and it doesn’t seem hard to fix it (the general answer is to add an API so that we don’t require PR).

Right now this means that any admin who doesn’t have PR and creating subwikis will hit this issue. And other pages too, for any page requiring PR, I remember listing them and the idea was to reduce them but it seems we’ve not succeeded in the past few years. Maybe we need a plan to address that and do some work in this direction.

@mflorea Thanks for these info (Jira bug confirmation + page concerned).

As far as I see, the page has not been changed on my Wiki for a long time (look at http://tutos.myxwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/CKEditor/MacroService?viewer=history&showminor=true&) … meaning this macro problem is not new for my Wiki but is there for 1 year (at least).


Macros are now displayed correcly in Xwiki 10.10.

Thanks :+1: