Request for Vurv


My name is Aslan French. I’m a design technologist with an interest in open source cloud infrastructure.

I’m in a tech art collective, vurv, and we were beginning some work doing a neural network art project that would benefit from having a good wiki.

I’ve been wanting to try out XWiki (I use confluence a ton at work) and thought this project might be worth trying stuff out.

  • description : we’d like to start building up a knowledge base for neural network art with as low a barrier to entry for cataloguing and interlinking information (rather than trying to do everything in markdown on github etc)
  • owner name : username is jcklpe and my registered first/last name is Aslan French.
  • wiki name :

Please and thank you!

We are a group of artists and make no money from vurv. It’s just a community and I wanted to get some time trying out the XWiki wiki system as part of my own personal research and general wiki interest.

Hi @jcklpe

we will proceed on your wiki creation most probably next week. We are currently checking some possible issues on with Wiki creation.
We’ll let you know once it’s ready.

You can access your new wiki on

Enjoy !

Awesome! Thank you so much!

Performance seems extremely slow. Is this normal? An artifact of it being a free wiki or is it just “warming up the engine” and will go away with time? As of right now it’s taking over 30 seconds for me to change pages.

Also I can’t figure out how to create new users for my friends to join. I was able to log in using the login I created for the xwiki farm but how would they then tag

Hi, is used as a test bed for new versions of XWiki and it hosts a lots of wiki (see for information about the infra). So no, it’s not supposed to be that slow, now we’re always trying to improve it using the feedback it gives us.

By using the hamburger menu on the top-right corner, you will open a drawer with a link to the administration of your wiki. Once there you’ll be able to register new users, and globally administrate the wiki (see