search results are broken (and other pages containing macros)


A search on like this one returns

other pages containing velocity Macro failed to load, see for instance Tag Page:

Seems there’s a problem with

We’re on it. Thanks and sorry

Thanks for the quick feedback :+1:, good luck for the fix.

Should be good now, we have restarted the solr server (seems it doesn’t have an auto restart ATM, we’ll need to fi this).

I have performed some tests and it’s working fine :clap:. Many thanks.

Hi all,

Search seems to be broken again this morning on … it may be a “planned maintenance” but the error message returned is not really user-friendly :partying_face:

Solr is back, it seems is becoming a bit big for its taste. So we are setting up an auto restart, and we will allocate more memory to it.

Hi, I confirm => Solr is back again :+1:.

Thanks to take care of MyXwiki community farm … as a “big” XWiki sandbox …